Bay Area Savannah Cats

HYDRA - f6 SAVANNAH FEMALE - $500 (rehoming fee)

Hi, my name is Hydra and I am as sweet and as gentle as they come ❤️ I am a 3 year old f6sbt savannah female who is looking to be spoiled with a furever family whose looking for someone like me to take in as an additional family member. My human mommy decided that it was now time and had me spayed already. She has been monitoring my recovery and I am doing great, just my hair is growing back now from where my doctor shaved me for the procedure. If you want to know more about me, please contact my mommy. Oh, and before I forget, I really would like to go to my new home with my buddy Letty as we have been best friends for a while now ...we do everything together, which even included our spays ❤️❤️


Hi. My name is Letty and I am a f7sbt savannah female born and raised here at Bay Area Savannah Cats. I am 3 years old and am a super sweet girl. When talked to, I will speak back lol ❤️❤️❤️ The only thing with me is that I have a very small rectal prolapse that may never correct itself. But I have been seen by my doctor twice and the doctor says that while it may never fully heal it doesn’t seem to be an issue for me. However, you can discuss in more detail with my human mommy during the interview process. I would like to stay with my best friend, Hydra, as we have been buddies for a while now ...we do everything together, which even included or spays ❤️❤️


Hi. My name is Colossus and I am a f7sbt savannah male. I am approaching 1 years old and am a handsome young fella, still intact. I am super sweet, confident, and have legs for days. Oh ..and almost forgot to mention ..I have great ears that are placed really well. I have some great lines behind me (some of my mommy's absolute favorite ones of all time). And, last but not least, I was color tested and do not carry for mel. If you would like to know more about me, please get in touch with my mommy =)